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If you are looking to become a more competitive athlete and enhance your performance, Volleyball Academy is ready for you.


Welcome To The Academy

The philosophy behind Volleyball Academy is to make you stronger and faster whether you are in or off season. With the strength and conditioning program, you will train to increase your jump height, foot speed, reaction time, and swing speed. These are accomplished by fine tuning movement patterns, working on correct muscle recruitment, and progressively overloading strategically in coordination 
with your practice and game schedules.

Athletic Training

You're trained in a sport specific manner to allow for greater athlete progression.

Skill Development

You have the opportunity to learn from coaches and athletes about all aspects of sport.

Injury Management

Injuries can not always be avoided but we work along side clinicians to help speed up recovery time.

Skill Development

Many athletes wanting to go further in their volleyball career have the passion, but might not have the knowledge and understanding about getting to the next level. Athletes may have the opportunity to work with coaches and university athletes to help hone their skills to perform at higher levels.

*Available upon request and availability of external professionals.


Injury Management

Injuries are one of the unavoidable aspects of any sport. We aim to set up each athlete with the best preventable measures by improving both their stability and mobility. When injuries do occur, it is strongly recommended that the athlete sees the appropriate clinician where we can then work on a strategy to recover faster and still maximize time training.

Performance Tracking

Every player goes through multiple physical tests to set benchmarks prior to training. We test for jump heights, agility, and cardiovascular strength. We use the Vert performance tracker to accurately monitor progression of the athlete; and to better manage their fatigue during the season.


Don't just take my word for it, take theirs.
  • A true professional and a pleasure to work with...

    My name is Leah Bosello and I am the Department Head of Physical Health and Education at Cariboo Hill Secondary School. Steven Chaisson is the strength and conditioning coach for our REP Volleyball Academy and is an instrumental part to the success and health of our athletes. Steven is a great asset to the program with his expertise in the strength and conditioning field, paired with his ability to connect with young athletes. Steven is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

    Leah B.

    – Department Head of Physical Health and Education – 
  • There is a great variety of exercises...

    All I really have to say is that there is a great variety of exercises so therefore I don’t get bored, the amount of reps and sets you recommended are great in my opinion because they get me close to reaching failure. I also want to add that the exercises you give us at the academy have improved my speed, explosiveness and vertical. Lastly, all the great lessons and tips you provide for injury prevention or recovering from an injury have helped me a lot.

    Seth S.

    – Player – 
  • Steve definitely knows what he’s doing...

    The training that I’ve had has really helped me improve my volleyball skills and overall health. I have seen a big difference. Steve definitely knows what he’s doing.

    Rebecca D.

    – Player – 
  • I have come a great distance in the weight room...

    Since starting weight training with Steve I have come a great distance in the weight room. I have not only learned about what workouts I should be doing, but how to do them; Steve has helped me and others in my course perfect our forms and routines and because of it I think it is safe to say we have improved drastically. After only a few months I am lifting heavier and jumping higher than ever and can see improvements not only in the weight room but on the court too.

    Sophia C.

    – Player – 

Meet Steve, Your New Coach

Having coached youth volleyball for many years, I have redirected my coaching strategies to training players in the weight room. Pairing strong head coach leadership with strength and conditioning, players have found success winning school and club championships, with university offers following there after. My experience has led me to working with student athletes with Volleyball Canada programs where I help to increase player performance and manage player injuries.
NCCP Coach
Volleyball Canada S&C Coach

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